Monday / Montag 9.September 20.00 Anarchistisches Info-Cafe

The trial against the Neo-Nazis “Golden Dawn” in Greece

Der Prozeß gegen die Neo-Nazis

“Goldene Morgenröte“

the talk will be in english / die Veranstaltung ist in englisch, dt.Üb.-DIY

Kurz bevor der Mord am griechischen Rapper Pavlos Fyssas, welcher von einem Golden Dawn (Goldene Morgenröte) Mitglied in Athen erstochen wurde, sich zum sechsten mal jährt, wollen wir den Prozess vorstellen, der darauf folgte.

Die Präsentation beschäftigt sich vor allem mit den Entwicklungen im Prozess, auch mit Hilfe von Video und Fotomaterial.

Es wird auch die aktuellsten Informationen aus Athen geben.

Ahead of the 6th anniversary of Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas‘ stabbing death by a Golden Dawn member in Keratsini, Athens, we will present the trial that followed his murder. Four years of testimonies, audio-visual records, thousands of pages of transcripts, and a continuous stream of doubts and political antics have revealed that Greek Neo-Nazis Golden Dawn have acted as an extremely well organised para-military group. In the course of the trial that started in 2015, it was exposed that Golden Dawn were following their very own code of honor to shape a clear National Socialist narrative. The trial exposed the interconnection of the far-right and Nazi
structures with the so-called “deep state”. Never the less, the criminal investigation before the trial exposed Golden Dawn’s plan to conceal evidence soon after Pavlos Fyssas was murdered in
September 2013. The presentation will focus on developments from the trial while using photographic and video material released to public. It will also bring fresh updates from the trial in Athens.

ab 19.30 KÜFA/ Peoples Kitchen