Anarchistische Infocafé
Montag, 27.2.2017 / 20:00 Uhr

Aktuelle Situation zum geräumten ‘jungle’ in Calais /
Evictions in Calais: what happened and where can we find those responsible.

The state and their police hordes descended on Calais in heavy numbers this October to evict the jungle which used to house thousands of people on their way to the UK. Police have cleared and demolished the jungle and are arresting any person without documents remaining in the city.
While their brutality is a day-to-day affair in Calais (and elsewhere), this October signaled a clear increase in state repression. Besides the state, there is wide-spread corporate involvement in Europe’s repressive migration policies.
Also in Calais, security companies have a flourishing industry from privatization of border control inspections to the manufacturing of tear gas & drones; from detention & detainee transport contractors to constantly increasing fences & walls along the highway.

Join this info-evening for updates on the recent situation in Calais as well as an exploration of the border regime in Calais and its collaborators.
Die Veranstaltung ist auf engl., Übersetzung muss vor Ort organisiert werden.

Wer Lust hat kann gerne ab 17:30 Uhr zum Gemüseschnippeln kommen.
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