29./30.09.2016: Short films from Brazil / Kurzfilme aus Brasilien

kostenlos und alle Filme mit englischen Untertiteln / for free and every film with english subtitles

29.09.2016 / 19 Uhr / 7pm

Movies from Pernambuco

Virginity (Brazil, Dir. Chico Lacerda, 15’43”)

Sinopsis: If I could, I’d become a child once again so I could do more than I did when I was a little girl.

Recife XXI (Brazil, Dir. Sosha, 10’12”)

Sinopsis: During her vacations, the Top Model Brenda feel invited to visit her hometown after years abroad and enjoy the hottest spot of Recife with her friend Tanya, the Aurora’s beach.

Heartless (Brazil, Dir. Nara Normande e Tião, 25′)

Sinopsis: Leo goes on vacation at his cousin’s, in a fishing village. There, he meets a girl who goes by the nickname Heartless.

João Heleno dos Brito (Brazil, Dir. Neco Tabosa, 20′)

Sinopsis: Bang bang, peace and love.

30.09.2016 / 19 Uhr / 7pm

FINCAR screenings – International Women Filmmakers Film Festival

Kbela (Brazil, Dir, Yasmin Thayná, 23′)

Sinopsis: The movie intend to reflect the place of the black woman at the contemporary society, the current beauty patters, their expression, self image and identity.

Who Killed Eloa? (Brazil, Dir. Lívia Perez, 24′)

Sinopsis: A critical analysis of the spectacularization of violence and television’s approach in cases of violence against women, revealling one of the reasons why Brazil has the fifth highest rate of murders of women in the world.

Building Stories (Brazil, Dir. Aline van der Linden and Marina Maciel, 14’42”)

Sinopsis: In downtown Recife, five people resist at a building in state of degradation. While they tell their personal stories, memories of the building and the city are revealed.

Border (Brazil, Dir. Denise Vieira, 20′)

Sinopsis: Stories of a woman stuck in love. Karine Ban works as a radio announcer, and had just move into a recentlt built neighborhood, located at Brasília outskirts. She is busy trying to get the house done, playing her program and trying to solve a past issue.

A hero’s journey (Brazil, Dir. Lívia Pasqual, 6’35”)

Sinopsis: The film is a sequence, as if extracted from a full lenght movie, which take place in a Brazil of the future, post-catastrophe. The narrative concentrates in a fight between two characters: both of them claim the city.